South Park Under Fire

Let’s be honest, South Park has always been known to push the limits when it comes to content. I know I find most of their content funny, but at the same time I don’t take it seriously. I can see where this episode could offend the Muslim community as it would offend Christians in America if they did something like this to Jesus, but threatening to kill someone over it is a little much.

The apparent death threats from Revolution Muslim are an interesting subject, since we are dealing with things like this during the Michael Brown-Darren Wilson case. Yes, you have the right to speak what is on your mind, to a point. When that freedom of speech goes as far as to be a threat, that’s where you will see people, and possibly law enforcement draw the line. The Supreme Court is actually dealing with this case right now, as to what is considered a threat on social media or the internet in general. It will be interesting to see what the high court says.


Alex from Target

I find this situation absolutely crazy but at the same time it doesn’t surprise me at all. With the digital age in full swing and the millennial’s “taking over the internet,” I am surprised however that this doesn’t happen more often. Some teenybopper takes a picture of a cute boy somewhere and posts it, then the zillion other teen girls share and retweet the hell out of it.

One thing that I do find very sad about the situation is all the negativity Alex is getting from it. I mean the kid didn’t ask to become a social media star, it just happened when he wasn’t looking. That’s almost like telling somebody you’re going to kill them for winning the lottery, granted, money has a little more of a motive behind it than 50 million retweets. Or does it? In this day and age, it’s sad how much people judge the quality of their life off of how many friends or followers they have on social media.

Anti-Mike Bost Campaign Ad

With the midterm elections fresh in my mind, it was easy to think of a political ad that I wanted to review. The democratic party in Illinois was out to bash Mike Bost for his apparent explosion in congress, so they used it in their favor. They had an actor walk up to different groups of people and have an outburst of anger like Bost did, while putting graphics with information on them up and talking about them.

I think the information in this ad could be useful to most voters, but is overshadowed by the outrageous acting in the commercial. It really makes you pay more attention to what the actors are doing and not to the information that is being explained.

I didn’t think there was a sufficient amount of information in the ad, basically three key points. Most people aren’t going to make a decision about who they want to vote for based on three things, especially with the lack of depth that they were explained in.

The information could be taken as trustworthy by some, but I really don’t believe anything that I see in political ads. The reason being is that most of them are out to defame their opponent instead of talk about the good things they have done and will do in the future. A lot of them get their information from newspaper quotes which could be bias, such as the Belleville Democrat that is used in most Democratic ads.

I would say that the audience for this ad would be voters in Illinois who are middle of the table voters, meaning they don’t mind voting Democrat or Republican. Most of your Democratic voters are going to vote for that party no matter what, so the campaign is geared at grabbing the attention of those voters who don’t exactly know who they are going to vote for.

YELP Review

I believe individuals have the ethical responsibility of telling the truth about local businesses they had an experience with whether it was good or bad. Having a bad experience and then stretching the truth about it on YELP, or any other site of this type, is no different than having a good experience and doing the same. The public lost it’s ethical responsibility, as far as I’m concerned, as soon as social media and basically the internet came around.

I don’t think these sites should offer advertisements of local businesses because that gives your company somewhat of a liability. If a certain business is paying for advertisement on your site, and a rival business figures that out, then they could use that as a reason that they are getting bad reviews, in which they might file suit against you.

I do believe that sites of this sort need both positive and negative review’s to promote authenticity. If the only thing they had were good reviews, people wouldn’t think the site was credible. If the only reviews it had were negative, then businesses would consider them basically a hate group.

Veil of Ignorance

Privacy on the Internet

I believe in this day and age that people are still entitled to their privacy, but if you want something to stay private, keep it off the internet. We all know that if something is on the internet, there is someone out there that can find a way to access it. In the case of, you should know what you say isn’t going to be private. Anybody could be acting as a teenager and hide behind the wall of their keyboard, so I refuse to let my children access any site of this sort.

In regards to To Catch a Predator and any other shows of the sort, I don’t think they count as journalism at all. The reason being is that as a journalist, you aren’t supposed to act as an arm of the law. The only reason they go through all the trouble in this show is to arrest the person that shows up. However, I do believe what they do is a good thing because it gets these scumbags off the streets and internet.

I think what draws people to these kind of programs is the fact that they want to know why these sick individuals do what they do, and to eventually see them get arrested. Most people will never see anyone get arrested in their lives so there is somewhat of an entertainment factor in these shows. One bad thing I see that could come from this show is the copy cat theory. Some other sicko watches the show and the turns right around and uses the same methods to prey on young kids himself.

Chasing my Tail

Pretty Sure I’m Never Going to Catch Up

I feel as if I’ve been behind this whole semester, but I get the feeling that all of my fellow students feel the same way. There’s always something to be done in the Super Semester, and when you’re done with that there will be something else. It’s like a vicious cycle that you can never see the end of until, WHAM, you’re done. I can’t wait for the day the end smacks me right in the face. Now, I don’t mean to sound like a negative nancy, because I have learned a lot through Super Semester and I’m sure it will make a difference in my career. It’s just very overwhelming sometimes, especially for someone who is married and also works pretty much full-time.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for one day. Let’s look at what I’ve done since the last time I was on here.

Whoa, that was COLD

Last week I went and shot a package on the ribbon cutting ceremony of the last phase of Highway 364/Page Avenue Extension in O’Fallon. What I wasn’t prepared for were the cold temperatures and blustery winds. The winds were gusting up to about 30mph that day, which makes a camera on a tripod easy to blow over. Now, this didn’t happen to me thank goodness, but it did happen to a local news channel who happened to be there as well.


The best part about my package I thought was my stand-up, it wasn’t super creative, but I did it standing in the middle of the unopened highway. I also did a wrap around in studio because let’s be real, if you have a package, why would you not want to do a wrap around?

Here, take a look for yourself.


I also had a VO/SOT that aired this week about First Rule Film, out of Brentwood, and their fleet of aerial drones they use. They brought the drones to Lindenwood to show the students how they work and answer any questions they may have. The footage for this turned out really cool, I mean it’s hard to mess up footage about drones. I wanted to do a package on this but decided it better to stick with a VO/SOT. The coolest part was that they wired the video into a TV so that we could see the live footage being shot. Lindenwood looks pretty awesome from 200 feet high, not to mention, I had no idea there was a Lindenwood sign on top of the Evans Commons.

I also had another chance to hold down the anchor desk this week. I really enjoy anchoring, probably because my nerves hardly ever get the best of me, and I just genuinely like to look good.


The Last Little Bit

We’re coming into the last month of the Super Semester and I hope to pull as much useful information out as I can. I still have quite a few assignments left to finish so my head will be down the entire time. I look forward to finishing up and taking away the great experiences I had and further build on them. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be sitting at a real anchors desk.

What is this News You Speak Of?

Consuming the News

I recently read an article on the Online Journalism Blog called 16 reasons why this research will change how you look at news consumption. The article talks about research done on people and how they consume the news, but it was done differently than just asking people through a survey. This study watched people and recorded what they actually do to consume the news, not what they might say they do in a survey.

One specific example that is talked about in the article is that when people read their news, the tend to remember it. Reason being, is that they had to put time aside to actually read what was happening. Listening on the other hand, such as radio news or even TV news, doesn’t scratch the surface as much because a lot of people seem to simply have these on as background noise.

I think this research is important to future journalists because it allows them to get a look at how the majority consumes their news. They can take the results of this research and use it to be successful. If you are a TV reporter and realize people retain more information from a story through reading, then maybe you should make a web copy of your stories available for your audience to read.

Here’s a good video that talks about what kind of news Americans consume and prefer to consume. This video has some great information for future journalist that they can use to decide how and where they want their content to be seen.

Creating Content for Social Media

The second article I read was also from Online Journalism Blog called Why do you optimize content for search and social? 4 reasons and a mnemomic to boot. This article talks about creating content for social media and the steps to take in order to be successful. With reporters being able to put their own work on social media these days, they become more than just reporters. They now have to decide when to publish stories, what stories should be published, and the angle they take on reporting the story. They become more of a whole newsroom wrapped into one person.

I believe this is important to future journalists because they need to be prepared to have content to go on social media. Whether it’s their own Twitter account or a company account of some sort, they need to know what stories get the most eyes and at what times. If you publish a story on social media at a random or bad time, it’s likely to get overlooked altogether.

Knowledge Gained

The super semester has more or less been a roller coaster ride for me to this point. You have weeks that seem to go by without a hitch, while others seem to never end. One of the best things that I have gained from the experience so far is how important time management is. If you get behind at all, it’s very hard to get caught up.

Another thing I’ve come to learn in this news world, is to take everything with a grain of salt. There’s no reason to get stressed out over something small that is out of your control, especially if it consists of these four letters – AVID. In the end I’m sure I will look back at some of the things I have done and laugh, but for now, my head is down and I’m staying focused.