Wehrenberg Food Drive

Wehrenberg theatres along with two other organizations joined forces saturday to hold their annual cans film festival. This festival is far different than others though because here, the films are free under one condition. “The first saturday of every year, of December, this year it’s December 6th, you bring in 5 can goods and you get to see a movie for free before 5 o’clock,” Saint Charles Wehrenberg general manager Mike Holden explains.

General Manager Mike Holden
       General Manager Mike Holden

Wehrenberg teams up with the Salvation Army as well as UPS to make this event a success. Volunteers from the community turned out in full force to put their hands to good use packing boxes. Whether it was single volunteers or entire families, they were ready to help tackle the task at hand. All of these canned goods will go to local food pantries to help those less fortunate, “These cans that are in St. Charles county stay right in St. Charles county. It helps with the food pantries it helps with the soup kitchens that the Salvation Army runs, and in the shelter program in O’Fallon,” says Salvation Army Captain Matthew O’Neil.

Dropping off donations
           Dropping off donations

Roughly 35,000 cans are collected through the St. Charles Wehrenberg. With all those boxes of canned goods being stocked up, the Salvation Army needs some way to deliver them, and that’s where UPS gets involved. “Well with UPS we partner with a lot of organizations, this is a great event for us, a great venue. We along with the Salvation Army, we collected 37-thousand canned goods for the homeless, it’s an inspiring, awesome event for us,” says UPS employee Amy Jennings.

Entrance to the Film Festival
         Entrance to the Film Festival

Wehrenberg collects between 300,000 and 400,000 canned goods in the greater St. Louis area during this one day food drive. For more information on how you can help out your local Salvation Army, go to http://www.salvationarmyusa.org.


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