Lindenwood Shotgun Sports Finds New Home

The shotgun sports team is now calling Saint Louis Skeet and Trap in Eureka it’s home range after leaving Gateway gun club in Bridgeton. Many are wondering why the team would travel so far to practice. Coach Shawn Dulohery says the team has a budget to follow, and Gateway couldn’t meet it, “we always have a budget to work on, so when I got called into a rate increase meeting I expected the worse and when we got done with the meeting which is a very exorbitant 10 dollars a round which is very very expensive for any club.”

shooting team

Saint Louis Skeet and Trap are where the first five national championship teams practiced, but when Gateway opened it’s doors so close, it was hard to say no. Senior Dominic Buoni says even though it’s a long drive to Saint Louis Skeet and Trap, he prefers to practice there, “even though there is a convenience factor, where gateway is only about 10 minutes away and St. Louis is 45 minutes away, but because we’re shooting better quality targets the good outweighs the bad.”

shooting team 2

The shooters seem to be overall happy about the move to Saint Louis Skeet and Trap, even though most didn’t have a chance to decide one way or the other as the move happened so quickly. Senior Casey Vansant says the club has treated the team with great hospitality, “I definitely think the staff there is more willing to accommodate our needs, you know making arrangements for us on practice nights. They’ve done a really stand up job with helping us out with our situation.”

Shooting 3

Coach Dulohery says that he hopes to return to Gateway Gun Club in 2015, but for now their home is in Eureka.


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