The End is Near


It seems like this semester started a year ago, when in fact it has only been a few short months. We all started out as nearly strangers but have now formed into friends who are pretty damn good at making the news. This will definitely be the most memorable semester of my college career.

Wrap it Up

As I try to finish shooting my last few stories with what very little steam I have left in my engine, I’ve realized what a great program this is. It might really suck at times, but if you want to be in the news, you better get used to. My latest package had to do with something that is pretty close to my life, and that is deer hunting. I got to talk with Dan Zarlenga, who is the St. Louis area Media Specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, about ways to stay safe during Missouri’s firearms deer season. This package contains what I think is my best stand-up all semester, and probably the editing I’ve done too.

Behind the Desk

I have thoroughly enjoyed anchoring or doing anything in front of the camera this semester. At the beginning I really didn’t think I was going to like it or be remotely good at it, but now, I could see myself doing something along the lines someday. For some weird reason I happened to be sick on two different occasions this semester, and both of them were on days I was supposed to anchor. So now, here it is the night before our last newscast, and I’m readying myself to get behind the anchor desk one last time.


Oh, You’re a Producer?

I new from the beginning of the semester that I had the mindset to be a great producer. I don’t mind telling people what to do, I like making my own ideas come to life, and I’m efficient when it comes to tight deadlines. I produced two decent shows throughout the semester but on Monday I produced what could easily have been the best show of the year. It actually came together really well, but when everybody has a VO/SOT or Package to air, it makes it pretty easy. I can’t take all the credit for the show because without everyone in front of and behind the cameras, it never would have happened. All the video looked and sounded great and I think we ended up with 2 or 3 Readers for the entire show. It was awesome!


I’m Going to Miss You Guys

This class is an awesome experience because there is no other class at Lindenwood where you will bond with your classmates like you do in here. I never once dreaded coming to class, because I knew I was going somewhere where I would be surrounded by friends and people who loved to do what I do. As much as I hate the program, I’m going to miss trying to figure out everyone’s Avid problems and showing them little tricks to make their life easier. As far as the professors go, Ed and Jill are top notch instructors who really care about the success of their students. It’s very refreshing to walk into a class and realize that your professor is more like your colleague than someone that is just trying to force information on you.

I’ll miss all of you and good luck on your future endeavors!


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