Anti-Mike Bost Campaign Ad

With the midterm elections fresh in my mind, it was easy to think of a political ad that I wanted to review. The democratic party in Illinois was out to bash Mike Bost for his apparent explosion in congress, so they used it in their favor. They had an actor walk up to different groups of people and have an outburst of anger like Bost did, while putting graphics with information on them up and talking about them.

I think the information in this ad could be useful to most voters, but is overshadowed by the outrageous acting in the commercial. It really makes you pay more attention to what the actors are doing and not to the information that is being explained.

I didn’t think there was a sufficient amount of information in the ad, basically three key points. Most people aren’t going to make a decision about who they want to vote for based on three things, especially with the lack of depth that they were explained in.

The information could be taken as trustworthy by some, but I really don’t believe anything that I see in political ads. The reason being is that most of them are out to defame their opponent instead of talk about the good things they have done and will do in the future. A lot of them get their information from newspaper quotes which could be bias, such as the Belleville Democrat that is used in most Democratic ads.

I would say that the audience for this ad would be voters in Illinois who are middle of the table voters, meaning they don’t mind voting Democrat or Republican. Most of your Democratic voters are going to vote for that party no matter what, so the campaign is geared at grabbing the attention of those voters who don’t exactly know who they are going to vote for.


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