Veil of Ignorance

Privacy on the Internet

I believe in this day and age that people are still entitled to their privacy, but if you want something to stay private, keep it off the internet. We all know that if something is on the internet, there is someone out there that can find a way to access it. In the case of, you should know what you say isn’t going to be private. Anybody could be acting as a teenager and hide behind the wall of their keyboard, so I refuse to let my children access any site of this sort.

In regards to¬†To Catch a Predator¬†and any other shows of the sort, I don’t think they count as journalism at all. The reason being is that as a journalist, you aren’t supposed to act as an arm of the law. The only reason they go through all the trouble in this show is to arrest the person that shows up. However, I do believe what they do is a good thing because it gets these scumbags off the streets and internet.

I think what draws people to these kind of programs is the fact that they want to know why these sick individuals do what they do, and to eventually see them get arrested. Most people will never see anyone get arrested in their lives so there is somewhat of an entertainment factor in these shows. One bad thing I see that could come from this show is the copy cat theory. Some other sicko watches the show and the turns right around and uses the same methods to prey on young kids himself.


Chasing my Tail

Pretty Sure I’m Never Going to Catch Up

I feel as if I’ve been behind this whole semester, but I get the feeling that all of my fellow students feel the same way. There’s always something to be done in the Super Semester, and when you’re done with that there will be something else. It’s like a vicious cycle that you can never see the end of until, WHAM, you’re done. I can’t wait for the day the end smacks me right in the face. Now, I don’t mean to sound like a negative nancy, because I have learned a lot through Super Semester and I’m sure it will make a difference in my career. It’s just very overwhelming sometimes, especially for someone who is married and also works pretty much full-time.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for one day. Let’s look at what I’ve done since the last time I was on here.

Whoa, that was COLD

Last week I went and shot a package on the ribbon cutting ceremony of the last phase of Highway 364/Page Avenue Extension in O’Fallon. What I wasn’t prepared for were the cold temperatures and blustery winds. The winds were gusting up to about 30mph that day, which makes a camera on a tripod easy to blow over. Now, this didn’t happen to me thank goodness, but it did happen to a local news channel who happened to be there as well.


The best part about my package I thought was my stand-up, it wasn’t super creative, but I did it standing in the middle of the unopened highway. I also did a wrap around in studio because let’s be real, if you have a package, why would you not want to do a wrap around?

Here, take a look for yourself.


I also had a VO/SOT that aired this week about First Rule Film, out of Brentwood, and their fleet of aerial drones they use. They brought the drones to Lindenwood to show the students how they work and answer any questions they may have. The footage for this turned out really cool, I mean it’s hard to mess up footage about drones. I wanted to do a package on this but decided it better to stick with a VO/SOT. The coolest part was that they wired the video into a TV so that we could see the live footage being shot. Lindenwood looks pretty awesome from 200 feet high, not to mention, I had no idea there was a Lindenwood sign on top of the Evans Commons.

I also had another chance to hold down the anchor desk this week. I really enjoy anchoring, probably because my nerves hardly ever get the best of me, and I just genuinely like to look good.


The Last Little Bit

We’re coming into the last month of the Super Semester and I hope to pull as much useful information out as I can. I still have quite a few assignments left to finish so my head will be down the entire time. I look forward to finishing up and taking away the great experiences I had and further build on them. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be sitting at a real anchors desk.