Citizen McCaw

Journalist’s may be “in the truth business,” but publishers aren’t always journalist as we saw in Citizen McCaw. All of the writers and reporters of the Santa Barbara News Press were definitely in the business of reporting the truth regardless of what their boss, Wendy McCaw, had to say. Eventually it cost most of them their jobs.

I really don’t think Wendy was in the newspaper business to make money because she obviously didn’t need it. I think her reasoning was to use the paper as a way to get her personal problems into the media. One example would be her view on being a vegetarian, as she released an article in the paper talking about how you can get the same amount of protein out of beans and rice as you could a piece of meat.

Another point were Wendy used the power of her own paper was when she had people removed from the beach below her home. Mind you here house sits on a huge cliff with no direct access to the beach below, but she didn’t like seeing the people on the beach. McCaw repeatedly published articles in the paper about her own personal quarrels or articles trying to protect her friends.

I can see were someone who was a publisher in the business to make a profit could publish some articles that sway on the truth. Reason being, so they can sell more copies of there paper, in return making more money. I don’t believe, however, that this is ethical in any way. The previous owner and publisher of the Santa Barbara News Press made a great living in the newspaper world and he followed every journalistic guideline possible. I think the reason the paper was so great in his ownership was because the people of Santa Barbara respected him and everything he published.


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