VO/SOT Please!

Get Me Some Content

Last week was the second week I was on the content week and I managed to put together two different VO/SOT’s. While shooting, editing, and writing these I learned a lot more about what makes a VO/SOT good.

Lou Brock Golf Classic

Lindenwood held it’s annual Lou Brock Golf Classic at Whitmoor country club last week and I was there to cover it for the first part of the morning.

The one big thing I was dealing with was shooting video under a shady pavilion while the sun was blazing in the background. This can make for an exposure nightmare if you’re not careful. The thing I learned here was not to worry about exposing the background correct, but expose the subject in the foreground. After all, nobody really cares about seeing water sprinklers in the background of an interview.

Another thing I learned while doing this VO/SOT was to choose your soundbite carefully. I chose to use a soundbite which stated factual information instead of showing emotion. You can state the facts in your script, but you can’t show emotion, so let your soundbite do that for you.

Also, when shooting an interview, don’t be afraid to tell somebody what to do. If the person is moving around and destroying your framing, tell them to stand still, in a polite way of course. Most people know that you know what you’re doing, so they won’t take it the wrong way if you tell them to do something.

Oh yeah, and Caitlin Baker was there to help me out.

lou brock

Trains, Trains, Trains

The second VO/SOT i did last week was about Missouri Rail Safety Week.

Shooting the VO for this story was actually pretty fun, even though I had to put some miles on to get to a few different crossings. Somehow, I got lucky enough for trains to come by at two of the crossings, which made the VO that much better. Natural sound was really important for this VO because it made you feel as if you were at the crossing.

I shot the soundbite for this story at the Amtrack station in Kirkwood with a spokesman for Operation Lifesaver of Missouri. We did the interview right beside the tracks, and wouldn’t you know it, a train comes by about halfway through. Fortunately, it was an opportunity for me to get great VO, but we had to do the interview over.

The lighting for this soundbite turned out great, but was challenging for me to get right. It was partly cloudy that day, and the sun kept going in and out of clouds, which is hell on getting your exposure right. Finally, I got a big enough cloud that kept the sun at bay long enough for me to get the bite.

What’s Happening Now

Right now I am currently shooting a package on the Lindenwood Shotgun Sports team that will air next week.

I’m leaving for 10 days to go to Canada and film for my personal production company so I had to have something to air the week i was gone. It should be a great package, but we’ll talk more about that next time!


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