Mobile is the New Way

TV Everywhere

I recently read an article from the Nieman Journalism lab called CNN, anywhere: How TV Everywhere strategy is evolving in the world of cable news. 

The article is about how CNN is rolling out a mobile cable news app called CNNgo. The app allows users to scroll through a rundown on the side of the screen and select stories that have previously aired on CNN. They also stream live newscasts to the app keeping the viewer up to date anywhere.

Here is a quick look at what you can do with CNNgo.

The mobile world could quite possibly be the most important thing for future journalist to focus on, simply because the amount of growth it has seen in such a short period of time. It’s likely that if you are emerging into the world of news or broadcast journalism at this time, you have a good chance of working for a company that does a lot of mobile video or web based content.

Keeping your Audience

Another article I recently read was from Poynter called 4 quick tips for attracting – and keeping – mobile readers.

This article goes over 4 tips compiled from mobile bosses of The New York Times, CNN, and BuzzFeed. One tip that I thought to be the most important was making content available during high traffic periods. Coming from my professional experience, I know about this all too well. I was in charge of social media for the company I worked for and had goals set to reach a certain amount of people each day. In order to hit these goals you had to know what time of day to release each post. For example, the posts that got the most attention were usually in the evening between 7-8pm. This is when most people had made it home, ate dinner, and sat down to watch TV or check their Facebook.

I think this article has some very important information for future journalist because there are a lot of jobs that will require you to post content on the web, which in turn could be published on a mobile app. Having the knowledge of how to get more views and keeping them around for more than just one day will help out anyone in the journalism or media industry.

Mobile Apps are Huge

Here is a video I found about the growth of mobile apps. This a great video for not only future journalist but also anyone in the media world to watch. Most people, it seems, would rather open up an app to read their news instead of turning on a TV or going to a website. You can probably blame that on the crazy hustle and bustle of today’s society. I know for me it is much easier and faster to open up my Fox2 app and read the stories only I’m interested in.

Weekly Knowledge Gained

I would say the most important thing I learned this week in class is to not overload yourself. I saw several students trying to do more than one Package or VOSOT for the same day and I really don’t think this is a good idea. For one, your going to struggle to get both of them done in the allotted time period. Two, the quality is going to suffer drastically. Just because it’s finished doesn’t mean it’s good, and trust me, when you get to the professional level you’ve got to be able to do both. You can achieve this by not trying to do more than your mind and body can handle.

Also, if you’re going to take the time out of your day to shoot video for news, do it right! The extra few seconds it takes to focus, white balance, adjust exposure, and check audio makes all the difference in the world when you return to the newsroom.


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