Here Goes Nothing

Jumping in Head First

This past week was the first week that the Super Semester students took full control of producing LUTV News. All-in-all, as we wrap up the week, I would say it was a success.

Monday, I dove in head first by being the first student to produce a newscast. Personally, I love every aspect of the news, but producing is by far my favorite. I like being in charge and having the final say on what goes in the newscast. My professional experiences have helped me greatly in producing. After being in charge of producing two seasons of two different TV series, producing a 20 minute newscast isn’t so bad.

Now even though I didn’t have many issues with producing, there are a couple things I want to improve on.

One of those is stacking the show in iNews. This took forever for me to complete it seems like, I guess because I’m such a stickler on having everything perfectly organized. Don’t get me wrong, some newscast will be easier to stack than others (at least I hope) but it helps when you have stories that somewhat relate to each other.

The Full Package

I’ve shot two news packages so far since super semester has started, one of them a practice, and the other on Nelly, yes that’s right, Nelly.

Now the shooting aspect for packages is like second nature to me, but writing the script is a bit more difficult at this time. This is another thing I hope to improve on as the semester continues and eventually master.


Wednesday I got my first taste of being on air talent as I did the weather. The funny thing is that I actually wanted to be a meteorologist when I first started college, but Lindenwood didn’t offer the program.

I’m super nerdy about severe weather in the midwest, so when I found out there was a pretty good chance of it the day I was doing weather, I was pumped! This was something that was actually pretty easy for me to write because of my “amatuer” knowledge of severe weather.

Here’s a photo of me in front of the green screen for the first time. Unfortunately, the photographer (not to be named), got me with my eyes closed.


“Open Your Eyes”

The best part about doing the weather on Wednesday was having the opportunity to do a wrap around about the severe weather that was coming into the area. The wrap around gave me a little more experience in front of the camera before I did the full weather forecast, which I think boosted my confidence.

That’s a Wrap 

This is only the first real week of super semester, so I suspect the next time I blog it will be a bit more interesting. I look forward to many more challenges and learning experiences throughout the semester.Plus, becoming colleagues and more importantly friends with everyone involved.


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