My Moral Compass

What is a moral compass?

To me it’s the steps throughout your entire life that have shaped the way your morals are at this exact moment. Whether it’s the actions of your peers that have affected you, or the lessons from your parents. My moral compass was mostly shaped by not only my parents, but most of my extended family.

I was brought up to tell the truth even if there might be negative repercussions . Part of this comes from the way of life in the bootheel of Missouri where I grew up. If you break something, tell somebody what happened, don’t lie to them about what happened because then if they do find out the truth, they’ll never trust you again. This really applies in my morals today as I want to be a trustworthy member of society and don’t want to keep information to myself that might be harmful to others.

Think about it this way. One of your friends is driving another friends car and wrecks it, then tells the friend someone hit them. Then the friend who wrecked the car tells you they were drunk and ran into a tree in their driveway. Wouldn’t you be compelled to tell the owner of the car the truth? I know I would in a heartbeat because that information could affect our friendship. I know, your saying “yeah but if you snitch, that’s going to affect your friendship with the friend at fault!” Let’s be honest, if that friend would lie to one person, they would damn sure lie to me. I don’t need them around.

There is one thing that came recently in my life that has changed my moral compass though, my wife. We had a few moral disagreements when we started dating, and after 3 1/2 years together we’ve each opened our moral ways to except some of the others ideas.

I believe that your moral compass is constantly changing throughout different periods of your life. I’m sure mine will change a bit again once I have kids, since I’m still kind of a kid myself now. So no matter where your compass leads you, just know that direction could change at anytime. 


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